The Awkward Silents

Awkward Headshots BW stache_edited-2 (2).jpg

Shhh... hear that?

It's The Awkward Silents. 

This self-described super group uses an assortment of mildly eclectic instruments to play a wildly eclectic songlist. The duo of Jim Ellis and Doug McFarland musically jump from 2015 to 1941 to several other years in between - all while literally jumping nowhere.

While they perform as solo singer/songwriters and in other groups, this project is a chance to have a different kind of fun and explore the auditory atmosphere in creative ways... to play around and use whatever instrumentation works best for the song. In any given selection you might hear a cajon, shuitar, keyboard, guitar, bass, banjo, shaker, looper, kazoo, vocals and who knows what else. You might hear all that at once or you might not hear anything at all. That would be The Awkward Silents.


The Awkward Silents's's latest and greatest and only CD, Self-Titled Debut, is now available - you can buy it here.